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Discover how to live Intuitively, energising your life from every angle and follow your feelings. Every action then you take brings you closer to your life's purpose. This practical training takes place over 5 days and starts with you! 
The Intuitive Warrior Challenge is a 5-Day coaching course for people just like you.  

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The most challenging change you'll ever make is to yourself.

Reconnect with your intuition and find the life you dream of living. This 5-day challenge is a practical method that helps us reconnect with our innate intuition by reducing that ‘head noise’ and learning to trust ourselves again. 

But how can you trust your intuition if you can’t trust yourself? One of the barriers we will help remove by teaching you how you can confidently trust yourself. You will also learn the difference between your intuitive feelings and emotional reactions. This will help you master the art of following “the feeling” and how it also differs from your Intuitive feelings. 

We are born trusting our intuition & learn to distrust it.

We’re born in touch and connected to everything. We feel the people and the world around us on an energetic level and respond intuitively with the world through our feelings.
Your Intuition is your guide to power. 
We instinctively know what to do or where to go before saying or hearing a word. 

But over the years, we learn to live less by our feelings and instead are actively taught to trust what we can measure and validate through our physical senses; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Many of us are unwilling to trust our intuition because we cannot tell the difference between our intuition and head noise. 

We're burdened by layers of social expectation & pressure which distort the lens through which we feel our feelings, making them difficult to recognise and act on.

These are all learned limitations and stop us from effortlessly tapping into our ‘Flow State’.
Your flow state resides at the crossroads between your intuition & ability to act on it absolutely WITHOUT doubt.
Not everyone knows how to remove those self-imposed obstacles that stop us from following our intuition and getting into a flow state. It also prevents us from sensing our intuition with clarity instead of doubt.

Intuition itself cannot be taught — this would be like teaching you how to breathe. We were born breathing (it's all we’ve ever known), but we can develop bad habits that prevent us from experiencing the full benefit of breathing correctly. 

The same can be said for your intuition. 

This difference is, tapping into that intuition can be taught by removing certain obstacles to benefit from the full range of our already existing capabilities. It is in removing these obstacles with a safe, precise, and intuitive method that helps us tap into our flow state.

Introducing: The Intuitive Warrior Challenge

The Intuitive Warrior Challenge is a practical method to identify, work through, and remove our barriers to our best selves. Our Intuition is blocked three ways:


We can all suffer too much internal chatter, distraction, internal and external expectations. Life has become a game of distraction, and it’s just too much.

This noise masks our intuition. It makes it almost impossible for our LIMITLESS SELVES to see the opportunities often right in front of us and distracts us from what we truly want from life. 

Your LIMITED SELF is being distracted from your own Intuitive power and the life you deserve to live. 

The Intuitive Warrior Challenge is a unique process that works to quieten your mind, clear the distraction and noise, and give you the confidence to see and act on what inspires you.


Clearing your inner space empowers your intuition and enables conscious thought observation rather than thought exhaustion.

The “noise” in our lives & minds keeps us distracted from genuinely feeling the ‘feeling’ our intuition gives us all.

The Intuitive Warrior Challenge method teaches us to consciously excise those thoughts that no longer serve us.

Turning our attention to listening to your intuitive feelings & self-actualising your true power and capacity.

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Whether you already struggle with self-doubt, a lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome, or feel just generally ‘stuck’ in life. It actually makes COMPLETE sense.

We would go so far as to say that ALL ADULTS — unless they have actively engaged in a self-reflective reversal of their mindsets — have developed a Limited Mindset that’s founded on a lack of self-trust.

We’re constantly told what we ‘want’ & become pressured with so many expectations that, even if we do happen to ‘hear’ those intuitive feelings, it can be difficult to distinguish whether it’s the intuition that is talking or just our misleading internalised expectations.

The Intuitive Warrior Challenge not only teaches us to distinguish between these messages, but it gives us the confidence we need to listen & act on them.

Join the community of Intuitive Warriors who are reclaiming their intuitive capabilities today.

How I used Intuition as the roadmap to doing more...

Here's my story.
For the last 20 years of my life, I have relied entirely on the use of my Intuition to navigate my life and empower who I am. 

I’ve made what seemed impossible to the naked eye become my reality entirely by following my “feeling”.

I met my wife and started a family by using my Intuition. I became a self-taught international speaker without any formal training, simply by following my feeling. I have created over a thousand hours of training and retreats without studying anything but my own Intuition. I started a brand new career while in my late thirties and became a commercial pilot. Today I own my own aviation business, all without a plan, just with my ability to trust myself and follow my Intuition.

I didn’t accomplish all that I have in my life because I had the money required, luck, the “know-how”, or anything else most think is necessary to live such an inspired and rewarding life. 

Every step of the way, the doors of opportunity were opened by me, clearing the blocks that hold most back and tapping into the opportunity and possibilities only accessible through following my Infinite feeling. 

People have continued to ask me to share a step-by-step method or tool that could help them encompass their true Infinite potential.
They want to “live this stuff” and experience that effortless yet rewarding life they yearn for and be who they really came here to be.
I created the Intuitive Warrior Challenge to do precisely that.
5 Days and 
Master the Art of Effortless Flow
It’s time to remove the obstacles that stop you from tapping into your true self and your dreams...

I want to CHALLENGE that Limited Self & reveal all the possibilities that come from allowing our INTUITIVE SELF to flourish. Join me for the Intuitive Warrior Challenge & let’s unlock that intuition together.


This 5 Day Challenge breaks through the barriers keeping you from what you want most out of life. Unblock your thinking, break old habits and patterns, tap into your creativity on-demand and powerfully manifest the life you truly deserve.

Your intuition is your natural gift. It can double your efficiency at work, guide your life and set you onto your purpose.  

Discover how our customers feel after this work.

Why are we giving you all of this for $37? It’s my way to give back. I would do it for free, but you probably won’t do it then or won’t be committed enough to complete the entire 5 Days.
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You are 100% protected by our no-risk Double Guarantee. If you do not make progress we know you can and have worked with our coaches. Just let us know. You can keep the course AND get a prompt refund. 
This course is designed to help you get into states of profound creativity, unblock your inbuilt intuitive guidance, and even create ‘coincidences’ to move your life forward towards its ultimate purpose. 
  • 5 x Hours On-Demand Coaching (worth $550) 
  • 5 x Guided Process and Challenge Support (worth $97)
  • Removing the 3 Blocks Exercises (worth $97) 
  • Streaming Access to watch from anywhere
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Ready to become an Intuitive Warrior? It’s time to remove those obstacles that stop you from tapping into your true self and desires...

I want to CHALLENGE that Limited Self & reveal all the possibilities that come from allowing our INTUITIVE SELF to flourish. Join me for the Intuitive Warrior Challenge & let’s unlock that intuition together.
Don't just take our word for it...
See what others have said about their Intuitive experience!

Andrew Louis Ostrom - Sydney, Australia

I liken TCM to the Karate Kid. Danielson, an ego-centric kid learns Karate from a book. It’s all head. He meets Mr Miyagi and through a long process of unlearning and relearning he learns that Karate comes from the heart, not the head. When he gets it, he begins to self actualise.
Like Karate, you can’t learn this process from a book or a bunch of Instagram posts or YouTube videos. So many of these concepts I “got”. Then I began learning from somebody that lives it, Amir and Jamie.
This is a great introductory course and the beginning of a journey of discovery. Thank you Amir and thank you Jamie. Your guidance has been exactly what my soul has been searching for. So glad I found you guys.”

Nicky Foley - Sydney, Australia

“This program gave me a much clearer understanding of not only what true intuition is, but also how we use it in our daily lives and how to create the space needed to move with what I feel to do.”

Karl James - Gold Coast, Australia

“I would love to thank Amir and his team for the opportunity to be involved in this program, I still practice the disciplines months after the program and feel real benefits in incorporating them in my life. Thanks again to the AZ team.”

Joyce Baker - Ohio, USA

“Amir helped me understand where my true power comes from, how to align with it and use it. I don’t “effort” so much to get what I want because of understanding how to use the power and how intuition actually works. I’ve learned how to live life more spontaneously with trust, as Amir says, “follow the feeling”. I have become more skilled at tuning in to what is true for me and how following the feeling actually plays out. It is so very worthwhile taking this journey with Amir.” 

Leah Kalamakis - Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Over the years I have read so many books, done so many programs, learned so many techniques and methods to power up my intuition and manifest things in my life. I could never understand how these things supposedly worked for others but never for me. No matter what I would try to fix, change or get in my life through manifestation techniques, nothing truly sustainable would happen.
Turns out I had it all wrong. Turns out there is one fundamental reason why I was failing horribly because I wasn't listening to what my intuition was telling me. And I only understood it because of Amir and what he teaches in Intuitive Warrior.
Everything changed for me once I realised this. I was finally able to manifest exactly what I love, WITHOUT the endless repetitive techniques that wasted so much of my time and created so much frustration for me. If you’ve tried to be, do or have more in your life through manifestation techniques, without lasting success, this program is your missing link. Run don’t walk to get yourself registered if it’s ever offered again.”

If there was ever a time to follow your feelings, now is that time. 
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